Our games are educational, fun-filled, strategic and built to enhance leadership qualities! 


Welcome to Sleepy Boar! We are excited for you to join our journey in bringing useful games to people around the world.  We are all about changing people’s lives through the power of entertainment. Our journey may be a rollercoaster, but we promise you’ll have fun. Your adventure awaits!

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About Us

Sleepy Boar Studios is founded in 2018. We specialize in app development geared towards “Entertainment” & “Enterprise” applications. Our Enterprise applications are built based on our in-depth business & domain knowledge for our enterprise clients. Our developers can also help you find the best solutions, research, launch your app and give you advice whenever you need it. We specialize in building apps using various technologies.

Here at Sleepy Boar, we are all about improving people’s lives through entertainment. We want you to be able to improve mental stability, bond over our games, engage others, and add an insurmountable amount of fun to your day. Our games are useful, eventful, and fun filled. Get hooked on a challenge! 


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