Word Stellar – A Crossword Puzzle Game


Word Stellar, a fun & competitive crossword puzzle. Connect letters, train your brain & test your knowledge. Challenge yourself with an exciting and addictive word game!

Are you in search of a new word game that entertains you in an all new way? Download Word Stellar now! Thrilling crossword puzzles, lightning speed rounds, mind blowing interstellar facts to rejuvenate your brain. Challenge yourself with our uniquely designed levels of difficulty.

Feast your eyes with marvelous spacey themes, cruise through the vast cosmos, and unlock amazing constellations.

This fun-filled space age game combines exciting cross word puzzles with electrifying speed rounds to sharpen your brain that allow you to improve vocabulary & spelling and enhance cognitive skills.

Connect letters, scrabble words, train your brain & test your knowledge. Buckle yourself up for this exciting space journey and an addictive word game!

> 2000+ brain busting puzzles to challenge your brain and empower your vocabulary.
> Speed rounds enhance your cognitive skills while keeping you on your toes and making you smart.
> Enlighten yourself with surprising astronomical facts.

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